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Counter aging

Mature skin lacks lipids due to decreased sebum production and is dry due to lower water content and imbalance natural moisturising factor (NMF). This can lead to a lack of tone and the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, loss of elasticity, laxity.

Counter aging

Our bespoke treatments amalgamate avant-garde technologies, curated natural ingredients and unique transdermal revitalisation protocol to deliver maximum effectiveness in addressing signs of aging, and countering premature aging

Thermage FLX Skin Tightening

Thermage FLX® Skin Tightening

The collagen that keeps skin firm breaks down as we age, which results in skin sagging and the appearance of fine lines. Thermage FLX® uses monopolar radiofrequency technology to heat the deeper layers of the skin, causes collagen fibres to contract, resulting in immediate skin tightening and collagen remodelling. The skin after a single treatment is smoother and tighter, with results that continue to improve over time

A single treatment includes:
1. Thermage FLX® Skin Tightening
2. Ultrasonic hydrodermabrasion 
3. Montecosmet® Ultra Lifting Serum infusion
4. LED light therapy


Eyes (90 mins) : £1250

Face & Neck (120 mins) : £2000

Face & Eyes (120 mins) : £2600


Face, Eyes & Neck (150 mins) : £3000

Face, Eyes, Neck & Décolletage (180 mins) : £3600

Arms / Thighs (90 mins) : £2000

Abdomen (120 mins) : £2000

Knees (90 mins) : £2000

Butt Lift (120 mins) : £2000


Clear + Brilliant® Laser

Clear + Brilliant® Laser offers a safe and effective solution for skin rejuvenation with many benefits such as improving skin texture, reducing pigmentation, and diminishing fine lines. The controlled energy from Clear + Brilliant® Laser stimulates collagen production and triggers the skin's natural renewal process. This cutting-edge technology delivers remarkable results with minimal downtime

Age Defence Peel

Age Defence Peel

Addressing the signs of aging such as fine lines, loose skin, dull and sallow complexion, and counters premature aging by removing the outer layer of old skin, increasing cell regeneration and stimulating collagen production. The peel penetrates into deeper layers of the skin and targets cells that cause photodamage, sun spot, uneven skin tone and fine lines

Face, single session (30 mins) : £110


Face, 4 sessions (30 mins per session) : £375



An haute couture facial by Montecosmet, designed for skin repair, renewal and hydration to delay aging process. Customising CACI technologies according to individual skin type, low molecular weight serum is infused into deeper layers of the skin, stimulating cell recovery. This combo facial comes with lymphatic drainage massage and our Age Defense Peel that activates your skin cells and stimulates collagen and elastin production. It is rich in Pyruvic and Lactic acids which are effective for eliminating dead skin cells and fine lines

Face, Neck & Décolletage, single session (75 mins) : £200


Face, Neck & Décolletage, 4 sessions (75 mins per session) : £680

Back, single session (75 mins) : £250

Back, 4 sessions (75 mins per session) : £850

Nano Pro-Infusion Facial

Nano Pro-Infusion Facial 

Clinically tested protocol which addresses inflammation, dull and dry skin, refines pores, targets hyperpigmentation, and reduces fine lines. This collagen induction therapy causes micro injury allowing powerful ampoules to penetrate into deeper layers of skin to stimulate cell repair, renewal and new collagen and elastin formation followed by LED light therapy to speed up wound healing response

Face, single session (60 mins) : £250


Face, 4 sessions (60 mins per session) : £850

Back, single session (90 mins) : £300

Back, 4 sessions (90 mins per session) : £990


Thermal-RFacial™ Face & Body Tightening

Our grand signature bespoke skin tightening treatment amalgamates advanced hydrodermabrasion, avant-garde monopolar radiofrequency technology and Nano Pro-Infusion using curated natural ingredients according to our unique transdermal revitalisation protocol to deliver maximum effectiveness in countering signs of aging and preventing premature aging with immediate and lasting results

A single treatment includes:
1. CACI High Frequency Oxygenation
2. Thermage FLX® Skin Tightening
3. Regenerating M.Light Unicorn-Facial
4. Nano Pro-Infusion Revitalisation
5. Complimentary sets of Montecosmet® Global Age Defence Skincare Collection


Face & Neck (120 mins) : £4000

Face, Eyes & Neck (120 mins) : £5500

Body (120 mins) : £5500

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