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Our brand 

Revolutionising dermocosmetics through innovation

Montecosmet® is born of devotion in finding solutions to counter aging and dedication to innovate. After many years of botanical research and scientific achievements, Montecosmet® perfects its skincare by using curated natural ingredients in its corrective and preventative formulae to deliver maximum and lasting results in addressing various skin concerns. With cutting-edge technology, we harvest and harness the quintessence of phytocells from ultra resilient plantes de montagne and phytoplankton combined with low molecular weight plants extract in our biomimetic Global Age Defence skincare range that help strengthening the natural protective barrier and epidermis, filling and reducing fine lines and dark spots (signs of aging), boosting hydration and preventing trans-epidermal water loss (TEWL), stimulating production of type I collagen in the reticular dermis and improving laxity and radiance of all skin types

London Aesthetic Clinic
London Aesthetic Clinic
London Aesthetic Clinic
London Aesthetic Clinic

Transpiring the highest expression of beauty by marrying science and art

Introducing the avant-garde Studio Montecosmet®, an atelier of rejuvenation where sensory harmonises, and an oasis of inspiration where science and art meet. Living in an elongated time, unleashing the inner essence and resonating charm through the amalgamation of nature, wellness and technology, Studio Montecosmet® offers holistic solutions to aging, acne, scarring, redness and dark spot using state-of-the-art technology and distinctive methodology

Our expert uses unique transdermal revitalisation protocol to strengthen and enhance your skin quality to counter aging and address other skin concerns. Customising every solution to complement each individual skin type, style and feature, Studio Montecosmet® redefines beauty by reinventing facial experience and innovating skincare ritual, accentuating the natural glow from inside out


Transdermal revitalisation protocol : our holistic approach

Our minimalistic formulation and facial rituals provide maximum effectiveness and restoration. Using our very own transdermal revitalisation protocol in all solutions, we dive into deeper layers of the skin and work our way up, addressing the insufficiencies in the dermal and epidermal layers. Our bespoke facials amalgamate curated natural ingredients and exotechnology such as radiofrequency, high frequency and micro-current with lymphatic massages based on ancient techniques to sculpt, firm, and lift the skin while treating excess sebum, dehydration, spots and premature aging. Collagen induction therapy causes micro-injury allowing powerful low molecular weight serum to penetrate into deeper layers of skin to stimulate cell repair, renewal and new collagen and elastin formation followed by LED light therapy to rejuvenate the skin and speed up wound healing response. The outermost layer of the skin is resurfaced giving a smoother texture and complexion, and lymphatic massage drains toxin out of the body, providing longer lasting results


The creator of Montecosmet® :

Josh Sim

London Aesthetic Clinic

Hailing from the infamous Harley Street, London, Josh is the founder of Montecosmet®, and also an aesthetic consultant who specialises in preventative aging at Studio Montecosmet® - an avant-garde skin atelier based in Sloane Square, Chelsea and Knightsbridge, Belgravia and Goodge Street, Fitzrovia. Studio Montecosmet® offers holistic solutions to aging, acne, scarring, redness, dark spot and dryness using exotechnology, curated botanical actives and skin health supplements

As a certified Thermage® practitioner, Josh uses the latest monopolar, capacitively coupled radiofrequency system using AccuREP™ technology performed over 3 million treatments in the world at Studio Montecosmet® for face and body tightening. This non-invasive, single treatment significantly improves skin elasticity and reduces fine lines with little to no downtime, and provides immediate and lasting results

All solutions at Studio Montecosmet® are designed based on its very own transdermal revitalisation protocol – a unique methodology that addresses the root cause and holistically rejuvenates the skin to counter aging. Studio Montecosmet®’s non-invasive skin treatments include Nano Pro-Infusion Facial, M.Peel and M.Facial featuring radiofrequency, ultrasound, high frequency, nanoneedling, CACI lymphatic drainage and LED light therapy for all skin types and concerns. For skin rejuvenation, fine lines reduction and facial remodelling, Studio Montecosmet® also provides cosmetic injectables such as high-grade anti-wrinkle and dermal filler injections

Josh is the creator of the Montecosmet® Global Age Defence Skincare Collection and a Key Opinion Leader (KOL) for Swissforce® Corrective Skincare which was featured on major media titles such as Cosmopolitan, Women's Health, Marie Claire, Holistic Health Magazine, Aesthetics Journal, Beauty Uncovered, Daily Express and Kol Social. He also speaks at various aesthetic conferences and events about better aging, monopolar radiofrequency technology, and innovative skincare

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