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Laser Fine Lines Reduction (3 sessions)

45 mins/session. Face+Neck. With Skin Booster

  • 45 min
  • 750 British pounds
  • Sloane Square Studio


Fine lines and wrinkles are a natural part of the aging process, resulting from various factors that affect the skin's structure and elasticity. As we age, the production of collagen and elastin, crucial proteins responsible for maintaining skin firmness and elasticity, begins to decline. Collagen provides structural support to the skin, while elastin allows it to snap back into place after being stretched or compressed. With reduced collagen and elastin levels, the skin becomes thinner, less resilient, and prone to the formation of wrinkles. Furthermore, external factors such as prolonged sun exposure, environmental pollutants, and lifestyle choices can accelerate the development of wrinkles. UV rays from the sun penetrate the skin and damage collagen fibres, leading to the breakdown of the skin's support structure. Repeated facial expressions and movements also contribute to the formation of wrinkles, as the skin loses its ability to bounce back and smooth out after muscle contractions. Clear + Brilliant® Laser is an innovative treatment that offers a non-invasive and effective approach to reduce the appearance of wrinkles and counter the signs of aging. Clear + Brilliant® Laser stimulates the production of collagen, a key protein responsible for maintaining skin firmness and reducing the appearance of wrinkles. The controlled energy pulses emitted by the laser penetrate the skin, triggering a healing response and promoting the growth of new, healthy collagen fibres. As collagen levels increase, the skin becomes more plump, smoother, and resilient, visibly reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This cutting-edge laser utilises the patented Intelligent Optical Tracking® technology ensuring proper contact with your skin to deliver a uniform application to all treated areas. It employs a fractional approach, where the laser creates microscopic treatment zones while leaving the surrounding skin unaffected. This technique promotes faster healing and minimizes downtime. The untreated skin surrounding the treatment zones aids in the regeneration process, contributing to the reduction of wrinkles and the overall improvement of the skin's appearance. PS: The number of treatments depends on the client's skin condition. In recent studies, clients reported visible improvements after 4-6 treatments. Aftercare: avoid scrubbing and rubbing, use SPF 50 daily. To learn more about Monteceuticals® skincare range, go to:

Contact details

  • Sloane Square Studio

    14 Culford Gardens, London, UK

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